About Highrise

  • High Rise was formed in 2007 as a graphic design and event management company.
    It expanded and incorporated as a full-fledged marketing firm.

    Operating from Male’, Maldives & Colombo, Sri Lanka. High Rise With our Comprehensive solutions and holistic approach to challenges, we have made a difference to well established organizations and built well recognized products.

    These solutions comprise a stringent design approach, creativity and close attention To details. We have never done anything without a reason, and all of our works take a Starting point in the message you want to deliver to your target audience.

    The team comprises of unique creative minds, each having their own area of expertise Which covers different angles of the craft from web design to lay-outing to corporate Profiles to picture editing to 3D-design to branding, incorporating all of this into a full Service integrated solution that applies all of the aforementioned services needed in a Process of branding or rebranding of our client making it rise high.

    The special component and unique identity remains on highrise events. The theory of establishing new ideas and continuing as great brands have been delivered successfully with passion and most importantly with consistency.

    Our passion and experience in dealing with customers are comprehensive. We therefore have a valuable insight into the way of thinking, which makes us able to take active part in the creation process of creative solutions and events.

    Together with the Maldives, Sri Lanka strong roots in both Asian and European culture, our market knowledge stretches further than most in the market.
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